Kunbowinjku (Fresh Water) 2022 by Raylene Bonson

Kunbowinjku (Fresh Water) 2022

Kunbowinjku (fresh water)

A new design made in 2022 featuring a mandjabu (fish trap), kunmadj (dilly bag) and fresh water weed.

‘This design is kunbowinjku – which is fresh water, kunronj. This is a mandjabu – fish trap which is floating in a creek. Fish will go in like yabby, long neck turtle and barramundi. This is a Kuninjku style of fish trap used for hunting. My father is from my Kuninjku side and he used this kind of trap. My mum is from my Kunibidji – Ndjebenna language side. This mandjabu is made from manylik grass.’

Raylene Bonson