Djomi by Joy Garlbin


Joy depicts the story of her ancestral dreaming the Djomi in her textile work, with permission from her djunguys (cultural caretaker) she’s able to tell her story through her design. The Djomi dreaming is described to be a long lady spirit with fish like tales that comes from a water stream that flows out to the sea cliff of Maningrida. It is a known to be a women fertile water stream. ‘Hello my name is Joy Garblin and I work women’s centre. I’m printing Djomi, my design dreaming*. My dreaming* is sacred site and people don’t touch that swamp. They keep away from that swamp. Only the djungkay and my labour they go there and look and shout and talk to my dreaming. My dreaming is tough and strong and nobody touch. Even I am landowner and I don’t go and touch or else I get pregnant from my dreaming. That’s why we keep our dreaming sacred.’ Joy Garblin 2020