Birlmu dja Komrdaw

Jennifer Wurrkidj is a Kuninjku artist from the Kurulk clan whose country lies around the outstation of Mumeka in central Arnhem Land.This image depicts important man-me (food) from freshwater environments on Jennifer’s country.

Wayuk (waterlilly) roots are called burdbarrk and are eaten fresh from the water or cooked on an open fire. The freshwater turtle (kormdaw) are a favourite cuisine – they hibernate on the floodplains during the dry season.

Various fish species including the barramundi (birlmu) as shown here are hunted with a spear or trapped inside a woven fish trap.

This lino print cloth was hand printed in the studio by Arts Worker and the daughter of Jennifer Wurrkidj, Abigail Namundja. Abigail is continuing the legacy of her mother’s history stories through continuing to print her work on her behalf.