Yokkarra (Fish), Ngaduna (Palm Tree) & Barruar (Seagull egg)

‘Hi it’s me Marilyn! I’m the age of 52. I like working at the women centre and doing lino printing but I prefer screen printing. I have one design, that’s lorrkkon (hollow log). My great grandfather used to make lorrkkon and do bark paining. I never met him but I heard a lot of stories about him. My mother used to tell me history stories. When I was 16 my parents passed away. I’m was on my own but now I’ve got my own family and my partner who helps me. I’ve got 6 grandchildren. My homeland is Entrance island, Haulround island and Juda point. I really like Haulround island and that’s where we collect barruar (seagull egg). Entrance island is my favourite camping area, I go across with boat. Balanda (non-Aboriginal or European people) can’t go into those islands or Juda point without permission from me. Come and chat to me if you want to go to any of those places. We have a sacred totem ngaduma (palm tree) at those places and if people destroy it, we will have a strong wind and maybe a cyclone.’ Marilyn James 2021