Fire sticks (Ngar-lala)

Esther first design depicts the story of fire sticks (Ngar-lala) and bones carried in a dillybag or stringy bag which was common to carry in the olden days.

‘Back in the old days, WW1 WW2 they were using that bush lighter, they carried that bag for water, food, lighter and family bones until they were ready for lorrkon. (hollow log burial).

This the bag they carried all the time’

Dillybags are made of pandanus leaves woven tightly to make it a collective basket. The stringy bags are made of bark stripped from a special tree. The bark is than dried, twined and women into loop holes to make up the bag. These bags are than carried by either the forehead or arm.

Mustard yellow and bright blue on a soft navy linen/tensel blend