Djomi Spirit

“This design is Djomi, my mum’s Dreaming. It is the baby Dreaming.

Djomi are child spirits living in Maningrida down near a fresh water little swamp. In that swamp there are a big mob of baby spirits and they are crying every night looking for their mothers.

If women go down there and drink the sweet fresh water, that baby spirit might come and find the right mother. Then the next day that woman, she will be pregnant! My son, I heard him crying before he was born down at bottom camp. He came all the way from Djomi spring looking for me, now he nine years old.”

The Djomi sacred site is located on the coast of Maningrida, surrounded by trees. It is a highly sacred place belonging to the Kunibidji people of Maningrida.

This print was created using the Japanese Woodblock technique. It is a limited edition of 20 fine art prints, created in Maningrida in 2019.

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