Kunwadde Dja Manyawok (Rocks and Cheeky Yam)- Doris Day Dress

This item has been made in collaboration with Publisher Textiles, Sydney.

All profits go back to the artist Susan Marawarr and towards the running of Babbarra Women’s Centre.

This flattering A-line shape finishes just above the knee and features mid length sleeves and two scoop side pockets.

Print: Kunwadde Dja Manyawok
Artist: Susan Marawarr, Babbarra Women’s Centre
Model: Jamielia Milpurr in Size S
Group photo: Jocelina Darcy, Sekahlia Yibarkuk, Jamielia Milpurr, Anocha Taylor, Jesseleah Darcy
Photography by Babbarra Women’s Centre

This design depicts the cheeky yams growing amoungst the rocks of central Arhnem land. Yams are an important bush food that are collected during the wet season. Unlike other yams that can be eaten roasted, the cheeky yam can be poisonous if not properly prepared. The preparation process of the yam traditionally takes two days. Firstly, the yams are dug up with a digging stick and boiled over a fire. They are then peeled and sliced into thin strips, which are placed in a special dillybag woven by women from pandanus leaves. The yam-laden dillybag is then strung from an overhanging branch into a river, so the bag just touches the flowing fresh water. The cheeky yams are left like this overnight to allow the running water to remove the toxins. The next morning, people return and collect the dillybag, and leave the yam pieces in full sunlight to dry out. Finally, when the yam pieces have dried in the sun for a day, they are ready to eat.

Susan Marawarr is a Kuninjku artist from the Kurulk clan whose country lies around the outstation of Mumeka in central Arnhem Land.

Treat this handmade garment with love and it will love you back! Cold machine wash, drip dry in shade, warm iron. Avoid the tumble dryer and dry cleaner. Hand printed and made in Australia.

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