Kururrk Kare (Going Underground)

Karrinung kurrulk kare, karrijare manme (we are going underground looking for food)

“This is my country. In this painting, I’m looking at her little bit different way. This is what we see when we’re kurrulk kare (going underground). Man-kurndalh (Black Plum) I call mother. It is my mother’s Djang/Dreaming. The kulumuduk (Bush Onion) is white, the same as onions you buy at the store. We don’t eat this one though, it’s poison. Wayuk is the waterlily, with the big root growing in the earth. This is when that water is drying up a bit. There are worms and beetles – this is what we see underground, when we are digging for manme”

A striking piece of orange cotton drill printed in khaki, aqua blue and white.

This artwork has been sold.