Kundayarr on naturally dyed cotton

Works in fibre from the Maningrida region are widely recognised as some of the finest in Australia. Artists confidently push the boundaries of fibre craft and cultural expression, adapting traditional techniques and forms to produce strikingly inventive and aesthetically exquisite artworks.

Artists usually use kundayarr, pandanus spiralis, to weave decorative round or oblong mats, as well as the less common triangular and conical shapes. Weaving is physically hard work, now done only by women. They colour the pandanus using natural dyes made from the roots, leaves or flowers of plants within the weaver’s clan estate.

Deborah has used the root of Man-Kurdudjumuk (coelospermun reticulatum) to dye the fabric a beautiful yellow. This fabric has been dyed on country in the outstation of Kakodbubuldi and later printed in our Maningrida studio. Feathers, basket weaves and pandanus plants are pictured.