Kun-wadde dja Manyawok (Rocks and Cheeky Yam)

Susan Marawarr is a leading textile artist who has been working with Bábbarra Designs since 2001. She has strong artistic family connections, being the daughter of Anchor Kulunba and Mary Marabamba, and the sister of acclaimed bark painters James Iyuna and John Mawurndjul. Marawarr is an accomplished printmaker, sculptor, weaver and bark painter. She collaborated with Waanyi artist Judy Watson for Watson’s public art commission of bronze fish fences and dillybags installed at Sydney International Airport, and toured the USA with Bush Colour, promoting the work of female printmakers.

Kun-wadde dja Manyawok (Rocks and Cheeky Yam) is a stunning design in the style of Rarrk (cross hatching) famously used by the artists of Maningrida. This is a hand printed piece of 100% silk (Dupion) with pale blue, black and gold ink.

This artwork has been sold.