Bow tie – Man-Djarduk (Bush Apple)

Ngarridj Derek Carter is wearing one of our limited edition silk bow ties. It is adjustable with a back neck clip.

Ngarridj Derek Carter is a Senior Artworker and Cultural Liaison at Maningrida Arts & Culture who started his career back in 1996. Ngarridj is a Martay Burarra speaker and a member of the Balkarranga clan from Any.jola. Ngarridj works tirelessly for artists and designers in the Maningrida region and looks  great in a bow tie too! #doublederek

Artist: Deborah Wurrkidj
Model: Ngarridj Derek Carter
Photography: Babbarra Women’s centre

Made in Australia

Deborah Wurrkidj is a highly regarded, versatile artist who has readily adapted to new art forms while retaining her strong clan traditions. She has been working with Bábbarra Designs since 1991, alongside her mother, Helen Lanyinwanga, and sister Jennifer Wurrkidj. She is a leading textile artist and an integral member of Bábbarra Women’s Centre.

Man-djarduk fruits in kurrung and kunumeleng seasons, the build-up and first rains seasons.

“This man-djarduk. Every wet season time they make red apple. Our family we going out bush and we collecting that bush tucker. Sometimes we collecting and we take home and eat with family, our grand children and grand daughter, family sharing. We eat that fresh one.” – Deborah Wurrkidj

For more information on Man-djarduk visit the Bininj Kunwok dictionary