Buluwana (Kuninjku Spirit Woman)

This design depicts Buluwana (Kuninjku Spirit Woman) with a dilly bag on her head, holding a yam and digging stick.

“She’s an old lady from our ancestor creation time, before mimih spirits roamed the land. Her skin name is Wamuddjan– she is from the Dhuwa moiety. When the mimih came to our country, she turned into stone out Yikarrakkal and Manmoyi way.

She lives in a sacred place, where she turned to stone she lives there now forever. She is an important woman for my people.

I draw her because she my dreaming. I can’t tell the full story about Buluwana, because it’s a little bit secret, but it’s okay for me to paint her and share these parts. My people can know the full Buluwana story, and the djungkay (caretaker) can tell the full Buluwana story too.”

This print was created using the Japanese Woodblock technique. It is a limited edition of 20 fine art prints, created in Maningrida in 2019.

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