Barnkabarra (Mud crab)

This fabric was created using the screen printing technique. It was printed by Raylene and Josephine, and the design by Elizabeth Wullunmingu. Raylene mixed the colours, being a fan of blue and mint tones on black.

‘This is the first design of my mother and I like it. I hope everyone likes it too. Barnkabarra (Mud Crabs) is good for flu, stomach ache. It cleans your bowel and settles your stomach. When you get used to eating crab you can’t stop eating it! Sometimes we get mud crab at crab creek or along the beach here in Maningrida. We find it when we go out bush or when we go hunting. There are lots of crabs around the corner from Babbarra Women’s Centre. ‘ Elizabeth Wullunmingu 2021

Bábbarra Women’s Centre supports the economic independence of Indigenous women in the Arnhem Land community of Maningrida, Northern Territory, Australia. Designs created by the women at Bábbarra reflect strong cultural knowledge, which is passed down to younger generations through their textile design practice.