Yawkyawk Dja Wayuk – Ingrid Top

This item has been made in collaboration with Publisher Textiles, Sydney.

Named “Colours of Country” each design and colourway has been selected by the Bàbbarra women to reflect the colours of their country during wet season and dry season.

Designed with comfort in mind this loose fit t-shirt features three quarter length bat-wing sleeves and short waistline.

Perfect with jeans or shorts, comfortable and stylish enough for everyday wear.

Print: Yawkyawk Dja Wayuk
By Deborah Wurrkidj
From Babbarra Women’s Centre

This image depicts a female water spirit, or yawkyawk, from a creek in the rock country near Yikkarakal. The Yawkyawk is a story of the Duwa moiety that Deborah learnt to paint from her father.

Yawkyawk are water spirits (mermaids) and also young women. This design is yawkyawk in the billabong near Yikkarakal. Yawkyawk move like women, the one on the left is the old woman and on the right is the young woman. They are mother and daughter.

Sometimes you can hear yawkyawk talking at night. My grandmother told me a story that they heard those yawkyawk and when they looked out with their torch at night, all the women saw the yawkyawk tails flapping and disappearing in the water. The water is very cold in that billabong and the sand is soft, you might fall down there in the mud. There are also wayuk (water lilies) in this design, and other grasses. Sometimes when they are cold, the yawkyawk get out of the water to lie in the sun, but when they hear our footsteps they quickly jump back in.

Hand printed as a 3 colour print  on black 100% cotton jersey.

Treat this handmade garment with love and it will love you back! Cold machine wash, drip dry in shade, warm iron. Avoid the tumble dryer and dry cleaner.

Being handmade there may be some print variations, making each garment unique.

Hand printed and made in Australia.

This artwork has been sold.