Kururrk Kare (Going Underground)

Jennifer Wurrkidj is a highly regarded textile artist who has been working at Bábbarra Designs since 2007. Her print designs often feature bush foods and food-collecting and reference the activities of ancestor beings and the ceremonial sites of her homeland, Mumeka.

Jennifer works at Bábbarra Women’s Centre alongside other members of her family who are also accomplished artists: her mother, Helen Lanyinwanga, and sister Deborah Wurrkidj. She is a daughter of Australia’s most highly acclaimed bark painter, John Mawurndjul, and she is renowned, in her own right, for her bark paintings, hollow logs and carved sculptures. Jennifer’s artwork has been exhibited throughout Australia and her textile art is in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

“This story about all that manmeh (food), that fruit and root one. Its about how they grow. When we going walking we can see that manmeh, bush tucker, like all that different yam. We going with family, digging with digging stick. Sometime manwareh (bad), sometime manmak – good one, but that manmeh all everywhere and we eating all that bush tucker underground.” – Jennifer Wurrkidj