Djenj dja komrdaw (Swordfish and long neck turtle)

“My country is called Mankorlod. It is near the rock country. My dreaming is komrdaw (long neck turtle), the one I painted in my design. I like to eat komrdaw, it tastes really nice. We catch them in dry and wet season near Mankorlod. This is my first ever design, and I only have one design. I painted it with brush at Babbarra Women’s Centre, and I feel proud when people print my design.”
The vines depicted in this are used by women to weave and create fibre sculpture. They grow naturally on the floodplains in Arnhem Land. The long-necked turtle and freshwater fish depicted is a popular bush food. Margot is also a talented weaver, skillfully weaving pandanus into colourful baskets and dilly bags.