Kun-djorlok (Waterholes at Dilebang)

Jennifer is a Kuninjku artist from the Kurulk clan whose country lies around the outstation of Mumeka in central Arnhem Land. This design references Dilebang, which is an important ceremonial site for Kuninjku people.

Dilebang is also related to Buluwana and her family. During the ancestral time of creation when there was a great drought, Buluwana and her family camped at Ngandarrayo on Kurulk clan land. They were weak from thirst and close to death. The malevolent gigantic form of the Deaf Adder snake confronted the group. Buluwana attempted to run away with the rest of her family but was crushed and turned to stone.

At Dilebang, an arrangement of rocks standing in the ground remains as Buluwana’s present-day form. Only her head protrudes, as a prismic standing stone; the rest of her body is under the ground. Other human remains lying on rock ledges nearby are said to be the remains of other early ancestors.