Mabbúlarr (calm, still water) – Water Tower Series

Ended — at Nightcliff Water Tower

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Mabbúlarr tells the story of the turtle we call marláddja (green sea turtle) and the stingray we call marnandjúbba (cowtail stingray). The film is an abstracted story linking the traditional hunting method of the sea turtle to the ceremonial dance, MiÍddjarn. Artists Josephine James and her mother senior Kunibídji elder Joy Garlbin, traditional owner of Maningrida, work with Bábbarra Women’s Centre in textile art to preserve stories linked with country, clan totems and Djang (ancestral creator beings), they collaborated with filmmaker Naina Sen for this work.

Bábbarra Women’s Centre is located in Maningrida, homeland of the Kunibídji people in the West Arnhem Land of Northern Territory. Bábbarra is one of the oldest continuously operating indigenous textile enterprise in Australia. A space run by women, for women. A diverse range of cultural stories from 8 languages, 25 artists and over 80 design stories.

Working with textiles has allowed artists to convey and preserve traditional themes linked with country, clan totems and Djang (ancestral creator beings).

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