Rekkan / Tamuwu / Nyinakati (sit/sit down)

Ended — at JAM FACTORY

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Rekkan / Tamuwu / Nyinakat (sit/sit down) showcases the vitality and exuberance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander textile design by interpreting Indigenous fabric onto contemporary upholstered furniture. Across three exciting creative collaborations, diverse Indigenous textile artists have worked directly with South Australian furniture and product designers to produce a series of chairs that offer a new way of engaging with Indigenous material culture and storytelling.

Exhibitors: Raylene Bonson, Emma Aiston, Caren Elliss, Keturah Nangala Zimran, Roslyn Orsto, Daniel To and Dean Toepfer.

Artists from three diverse Aboriginal arts centres — Raylene Bonson (Bábbarra Women’s Centre), Keturah Zimran (Ikuntji Artists) and Roslyn Orsto (Tiwi Designs) — have each collaborated with an Adelaide-based contemporary designer — Daniel­ Emma (Daniel To and Emma Aiston), Caren Elliss and Dean Toepfer — to co-design and produce an upholstered piece of furniture, utilising the artist’s striking textile designs.

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19 Morphett St, Adelaide, South Australia

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