Ngarduk Kunred Linen Tablecloth

NGARDUK KUNRED – Artist: Helen Lanyinwanga.

This beautiful product is part of the 2020 Kip&Co × Bábbarra special edition, a collaboration that has been two years in the making. The collection showcases the contemporary art of seven incredible artists from Bábbarra Women’s Centre in Maningrida, and each artwork tells the ancestral stories of Arnhem Land countries and cultures. Bábbarra and Kip&Co divide all profits from this collaboration equally, so 50% of profits will return to the Bábbarra Women’s Centre. Bábbarra is governed by women, for women, to enable future enterprises that support healthy and sustainable livelihoods.

100% French flax linen. 145 × 274cm tablecloth.

Our linen is pre-washed to give an even more intimate look and feel and, best of all, your linen will continue to soften with time. Packaged in a reusable fabric drawstring bag.

Tips to stay beautiful

  • Hand or gentle machine wash separately, inside out
  • No dry cleaning, please

Ngarduk Kunred (my country) design story:

“My design is of the kunbad (rocks) at the kunwardde (stone country). I call this country mother. These rocks live at the bottom of the kunronj (fresh water)- some are old, some are cracked and some are soft. The kunronj runs over the stones, and when we drink this water it tastes sweet and fresh”- Helen Lanyinwanga

This design depicts the stone country near Yikarrakkal, which is the artist’s mother’s traditional country and from the duwa moiety. It is country filled with important sacred sites and living spirits.

This country has very powerful forces, with spirits living under the river bed hiding among the rocks. The yibba (ornate burrowing frog) can poison people who disobey traditional law and step on this country. The yawkyawk (female water spirit) has the ability to call and sing people who walk on her country, and make them loose their mind or fall asleep forever.