Our priorities, activities and protocols are directed by three important levels of governance.

The three levels include the Bábbarra Women’s Governance Group, the Arts and Cultural Subcommittee and the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation Board.

Our Bábbarra Team

  • Jessica (Rosie) Stalenberg – Manager
  • Ziian Carey – Assistant Manager
  • Raylene Bonson – Supervisor and Kuninjku/Ndjebbena artist
  • Abigail Namundja – Textile Arts Worker
  • Esther Yarllarlla – Textile Arts Worker
  • Jay Jurrupula Rostron – Textile Arts Worker and Senior Kune Artist
  • Deborah Wurrkidj – Senior Kuninjku artist
  • Janet Marawarr- Senior Kuninjku artist
  • Jennifer Wurrkidj – Senior Kuninjku artist
  • Susan Marawarr – Senior Kuninjku artist
  • Joy Garlbin- Senior Ndjebbena artist
  • Kylie Hall – Yolgnu artist
  • Belinda Kernan – Ndjebbena artist
  • Elizabeth Kala Kala – Kune artist
  • Lucy Yarawanga – Gurrgoni artist
  • Melba Gunjarrwanga – Kuninjku artist
  • Jecinta Lami Lami – Ndjebbena artist
  • Genevieve Smith – Ndjebbena artist
  • Michelle Kamaranga – cleaner
  • Joy Garlbin- Senior Ndjebbena artist
  • Elizabeth Wullunmingu – Burarra artist
  • Josephine James – Ndjebbena artist
  • Miriam Jinmanga
  • Margot Gurawiliwili
Christmas 2020 with Bábbarra Women’s Centre artists and Jessica Stalenberg

Arts and Culture

Bábbarra Women’s Centre is part of the Bawinanga Arts and Cultural division, which includes the Djomi Museum, Maningrida Arts and Culture and the Cultural Research Office.