Us Bábbarra Women’s Centre mob, we are not afraid to speak up. We know we are stronger together.

Lennie Goya-Airra, Former head of sewing team at Bábbarra 

Bábbarra Women’s Governance Board meeting at Buluhkaduru Homeland Women’s Centre. Photo: Ingrid Johanson

In Australia and around the world, Indigenous women are among the most marginalised and disadvantaged of all social groups. They are also the most economically vulnerable.

Bábbarra Women’s Centre works to change this narrative. A core objective since its inception has been to enable women to gain economic independence. Financial independence empowers women to make decisions that impact their own wellbeing and that of their families, communities and ancestral lands.

There are very limited ways for people to generate sustainable incomes in meaningful ways in this region. Working in the arts and cultural sector affords one of the best opportunities for doing two things that most people want to do: live with their families and work to earn a reasonable income.

Left to right: Deborah Wurrkidj, Jennifer Wurrkidj and Lennie Goya-Airra outside Bábbarra Women’s Centre. Photo Ingrid Johanson

Bábbarra Women’s Centre is a place that honours the wisdom, resilience, power and cultural authority of women. Women who work here say it makes them strong.

Bábbarra Women’s Centre acts as the support hub for the homeland women’s centres at five remote outstations: Buluhkaduru, Ji-marda, Mumeka, Mankorlod and Cadell. We work closely with other teams at Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation to ensure the best infrastructure and resources are in place.

We founded a successful cleaning enterprise, which is now run as an essential service within Bawinanga. And our op shop, which sells second-hand goods at affordable prices, is popular with everyone.

The Bábbarra Women’s Board, which meets on country every three months, propels our knowledge, insights and voices into all areas of our community. And from this, older women teach younger women how to be strong leaders for the community and make effective decisions that will shape women’s lives now and into the future.

Bábbarra Women’s Centre has stayed strong through many years and we know it will stay strong into the future.