Elizabeth Kandabuma (dec)

Elizabeth Kandabuma (dec)


Elizabeth was born near Bulgay on Yirritjinga country. She designed at Bábbarra from the early 1990s, and participated in many exhibitions throughout her life, including Tandanya in Adelaide, ANU in Canberra and multiple Darwin Aboriginal Art Fairs. Her work was also featured in the Pandanus Mantra hotel commission.

Elizabeth had a distinctive artistic style, depicting the natural world with loose, organic strokes. Her style is evident in her key designs Kun-ngol (clouds), showing the cloud formations over her floodplain country after the wet season, and the fine detail of Kun-kirh (mud ripples) depicting cracked mud in the sun during dry season. Elizabeth is close family with Janet Marawarr, Lucy Yarawanga and Raylene Bonson, artists at Bábbarra.


Gurrgoni, Kuninjku



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