Jay Jurrupula Rostron

Jay Jurrupula Rostron


Belinj Jay is a Kune, Dalabon and Rembarrngga woman from the Barappa clan. For Kune people, like many others across Arnhem Land, the world is divided into two moieties: Duwa and Yirridjdja. These moieties are woven into the kinship system guiding a person’s relationships and responsibilities to their family and the environment. Every tree, animal, bird, and body of water can be identified as either Duwa or Yirridjdja and this moiety system extends to stories, songlines and dreaming.

Belinj Jay works across multiple mediums including Lino print and etching drawing, screen printing and fibre art. Her work is illustrative and popular, portraying the ancestral stories of her freshwater homeland. Jay often depicts Modjarrkki (fresh water crocodile), birdlife from the wetlands including Kawk (Heron) and Ngalkordow (Brolga) as well as dancing and hunting mimihs. 

The Modjarrkki story belongs to the Barappa clan and is from the Duwa Country Dukala-djarranj and Kolorbidahdah located in the stone country of West Arnhem Land. The Songline and story has been passed down to Jay by her father (Dad’s brother) and is a true story, a story that really happened. This story is still practiced through bunggul during cultural celebrations and gatherings.

Jay’s recent achievements include teaching a series of children’s lino printing workshops at The National Museum of Australia during their 2023 NAIDOC Week events.


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