Ruth Bindeidbal

Ruth Bindeidbal


Ruth comes from a large artistic family is the young daughter of artists H.Karrkarrbha and Jennifer Wurrkidj. She is married to artist Obed Namirrkki , son of artist Ivan Namirrkki and grandson of the famous Peter Marralwanga.

Like many artists in her family Ruth produces artworks across many mediums including sculpture and bark painting. She learnt to paint rarrk under the guidance of her mother and late father.

In her textile work, Ruth explores the ancestral stories of yawkyawk (young women spirit), mandjabu (fishtrap) and Buluwana.

Ruth is from the Kuninjku language group of Western Arnhem Land. Ruth is strongly connected to Maningrida and its surrounding country. Her country is Mankorlod homeland, her mother’s country is Mumeka and her grandmother’s country is Barridjowkeng.



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