Marilyn James


Marilyn is an emerging artist with deep knowledge of culture & country which she brings into textiles and her design story. Marilyn is also a integral member of the Bábbarra Women’s Centre Supervisor team and multitasks in all areas of the studio from retail, printing and designing. Marilyn has represented Babbarra in Adelaide at the Tarnanthi Art Fair which she enjoyed.

Marilyn’s first design depicts the story of funeral logs (Lorrkkon).

‘This is the story of my great great grandfather and grandmother who were bark painters and Lorrkkon painters. I remember this story, and decided to make this my first design’

Marilyn has children and grandchildren all of whom live with her in Manayingkarírra (Maningrida), where she was born.



Ancestor spirits

Stingray with sharp back




Ngal-kodjok (wamudjan)

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