Esther Yarllarlla

Esther Yarllarlla


Esther is a Kunibidji artist with a deep knowledge of culture and country which she brings to her textile design. Esther is also integral and energetic member of the Bábbarra Women’s Centre sewing team and works across all areas of Bábbarra the studio including sewing, printing and designing.

Esther is an accomplished weaver, with pandanus and nja-djéngka (bayan) works at Maningrida Arts and Culture. Her knotted string bags and mókko (bark skirt, pubic covering) are exquisite and a practice she learned from the the traditional owner of Maningrida, Joy Garlbin’s late father.

Esther also weaves dyed fibres into exquisite mats, basket, dillybags and 3D sculpture.

Esther has a rich knowledge of her family history, and has worked as a tour guide at the Djomi Museum. She has recently started working as an arts worker at babbarra Designs.  Esther’s first two colour design depicts the story of fire sticks and bones carried in a dillybag, which was common practice for her elders. the fire sticks are also known as letter sticks and served as a permit for balanda.





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