Raylene Bonson

Raylene Bonson


Raylene (Rayleen) Bonson is a talented textile artist, carving meticulous designs onto Lino tiles to print onto a range of fabric surfaces. Raylene is well known for her designs depicting ancestral stories and ceremonial objects, in particular lorrkkon (hollow log for burial ceremony), kunmadj (dillybag) and mandjabu (conical fishtrap).

In 2019 Raylene’s Screen Print design Wubbunj (Paperbark Canoe) was licensed by Kip & Co and featured on a successful, sell out homewares range. In 2021, the same design was used to make a piece of contemporary furniture called Love Bench With Back, 2021 which was a collaboration by Daniel, Emma and Raylene and is currently on tour with the exhibition ‘New Exuberance’ curated by Jam Factory 2022.

Raylene has been working with Bábbarra Designs since 2012 and now has a permanent role as a senior arts worker. She was mentored by her late mother, Nancy Gununwanga, a textile artist at Bábbarra Designs and a founding member of Bábbarra Women’s Centre. Raylene mentors and supports her daughter Rosanna Bonson.


Ndjébbana, Kuninjku



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