Publisher Textiles

Publisher Textiles & Papers is one of Australia’s leading commercial printing houses. Bábbarra have worked closely with Publisher Textiles since 2007, who house a large number of Bábbarra’s screen designs. Originally, Publisher Textiles was engaged to printed Bábbarra’s large format screens, before the screen printing table at Babbarra’s studio was upgraded and widened in 2018.

Publisher Textiles also assist with our large orders for art fairs, as well as for more technically complex designs with up to four screens. Publisher Textiles provide Bábbarra with technical advice, and have hosted the Bábbarra women during various visits to their studio in Sydney, as well as visited on site in Maningrida.

In 2017, Publisher Textiles and Bábbarra started a fashion collection, with Bábbarra designs printed at Publisher and sewn into garments in Sydney. This range was launched at the ‘From Country to Couture’ fashion parade in 2017, and was also sold online. Following this, Publisher Textiles and Bábbarra have collaborated to develop a ready-to-wear range which both businesses sell to Australian retailers.

Images by Publisher Textiles, featuring garments from the Publisher x Bábbarra range.