Elizabeth Kala Kala

Elizabeth Kala Kala


Elizabeth is an artist from homeland Bolkjam she started working at Bábbarra in 2017.

Elizabeth was born in Buranga but grew up in Maningrida along with her two children.She has a good eye for colour layering and Lino printing. Elizabeth has a strong unique craving style which she uses to depict dilly bags, yams and digging sticks in her lino prints. She is also starting to transfer her unique design style used on lino to screen printing screens.

Elizabeth is inspired by her father who is an artist along with her two sisters are also artists. Her sisters are the ones who taught Elizabeth her dilly bag designs. When they go out to their homeland the sisters enjoy woodcarving and painting together.


English, Kriol, Gun-nartpa, Rembarrnga, Mayali



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