Bawáliba and Bush Flower

A new design created by Lucy during workshops at Gorrong Gorrong Outstation in 2022.

‘Starting back in the caves, before humans, in that place, my country Djinkarr, spirits lived. When Bawaliba (stone country spirit) were hungry, they picked up their dilly bags and went walking to collect food. They found fresh bush flowers and dug them up to plant back home and ate the fruit growing beneath them. On their way home, the Bawaliba came across a big rainbow serpent. Some Bawaliba ran back to the cave, the rest of them tried to fight the serpent with spears and distract it with their loud clap sticks and singing, but the rainbow serpent won and ate them.

When we go there to my country, we see the Bawaliba peeping at us every time. They are so cheeky and trick us. Sometimes I tell them ‘Hey leave us alone! We’re busy working on our country!’. They are good spirits they don’t make trouble.’ – Lucy Yarawanga 2023

Artworks with this story