Kunronj (Freshwater Story)

Kunronj (Freshwater Story) is a design that shows the Mimarigar crossing during the flood time or wet season. The crossing is on Jennifer’s country near Mumeka which is shared with her sister Deborah Wurrkidj and aunt Susan Marawarr.

The design shows Birlmu (Barramundi) and Kormdaw (Turtle) amongst other manme (food) in the fresh water river. There is a Kun-karininj (Digging stick) which is used to dig up Wayuk (Waterlily) which is also featured in this design, wayuk can be harvested in the wet season and dry season and the stem is good for eating raw or cooked by the fire. Kormdaw hibernate during the dry season on the flood plains and can be dug up using a Kun-karininj

Also shown is a Kun-madj (dilly bag) made from woven fibres from the Pandanus Tree, Kun-dayarr. These are used for collecting these freshwater foods and transporting them as they are taken back home for to be cooked and eaten

This artwork has been sold.