Kuninjku Language Magnets

Learn some Kuninjku words with this fun set of Kuninjku fridge magnets!

One set includes twenty-three words in Kuninjku language, with the English meaning underneath.

These magnets teach some of the most commonly used terms, such as Kamak (Good), Ngadjare… (I want…), Manme (Food), Birlmu (Barramundi), and Bobo (Good bye).

Kuninjku is a dialect of Bininj Kunwok, spoken by many families in Maningrida as well as on outstations of Maningrida on the lower Mann and Liverpool Rivers districts of western Arnhem Land.

Bábbarra Women’s Centre have been running community based Kuninjku Language classes since 2017, and these magnets were inspired by these classes. The magnets have been hugely popular with families in Maningrida- our women’s kids say they love playing with them at home! Now we’re sharing them with a wider audience.

These magnets and the Kuninjku Language classes are by Bábbarra Women’s Centre with the kind support of the Bininj Kunwok Language Project.

This artwork has been sold.

Size & material

Each magnet 5cm × 5cm
Set of 23 Fridge Magnets